Contact Improvisation


The format of the workshop is an intensive workshop on contact improvisation which is open to everyone: beginners, dancers, choreographs and performers of any kind.

20 hours

Over 20hrs of teachings as well as jam every day with live music.

25 people

The workshop is limited to 25 people, a smaller group enables a deeper, warmer and less dispersive experience.

1 day

Of residency in EX-FADDA, our hosting venue, where we’ll dance. In the same place, we’ll find XFOOD, the first restaurant in Puglia region that employs mixed ability for their awesome kitchen.


outdoors, we will visit the ancient borough of Specchia, where we will continue our activities, visiting its fascinating castles and squares. To conclude our program we will perform in the Specchia Castle. The performance will be open to the public to spread the culture/message of Contact Improvisation. The evening will be accompanied by a delicious local wine tasting.


Contact Improvisation (CI) is a method born in the 1970's, that seeked for new possibilities of movement through physical and sensory contact. Its a type of dance suitable for everyone. Its practicability is due to the fact that it is physical awareness based on listening to oneself, to our movement capabilities, in relation to other peoples' capabilities. We start creating a temporal and physical space, with no representative purpose, but to create an exchange between people, this dance is suitable to a large array of different people. This experience path tries to create a sense of Trust, awareness and mutual care, so that through dance we will create conditions in which each participant will be responsible for themselves, for the partner with which they are working and with all the others with which they are sharing the space and the experience. We explore yielding, rolling, sliding, creeping, pushing, pulling, crawling, finding supports in our bodies and the earth. We find easy ways of moving in and out of contact with a partner, their skin, the surfaces of their body using touch, different body parts, weight and physical mass. We move into small counterbalances and lifts, ending the workshop with improvising with different partners to practice our new skills through dancing with each other in a group.

Mirva Mäkinen

Is a qualified performer, choreographer as well as being an internationally recognized CI teacher. She has completed a research on “Somaesthetics of Contact Improvisation" at the Helsinki University of Arts and will accompany us in this first meeting with “Arti al Borgo”.


INNER LANDSCAPE : Intensive, 28th -30 th June 2018