Arti al Borgo – The Idea behind

AaB - The Idea behind


“ARTI AL BORGO” (literally ARTS AT THE BOROUGH) is a multidisciplinary and traveling festival that takes place in the different boroughs of Salento in the South of Italy. You may participate in four separate events: Contact Improvisation, Shadow Yoga or Music and Contemporary Dance/Performance. In Arti Al Borgo we fuse the pleasure of meeting and learning with creating, and we facilitate a new experience in the discovery and sharing of these magical places.

The Boroughs

In the 1st edition of the festival we have chosen the four most fascinating boroughs of Salento: Specchia, Otranto, Lecce and Ostuni. With a desire to share the beauty of these areas; their incredible castles, monumental arches, bustling squares and small winding streets filled with ancient stories we bring this suggestive atmosphere in to our art and invite them to shape our dance movements and our music frequencies.


The activities will be carried out, depending on the climatic and atmospheric conditions, in and out side.

The four events of the festival are: